“Sexual Harrasment” in Japanese company (lol)


Translation: “Since we are having new female menbers in our company, we need to start pay attention to sexual harrasment~! Lightness of  speech and inappropriate touch are not allowed~ so is sending pornographic emails!”


“Does my bikini-girl wallpaper count for harrasment?”

“Proprietor, what about the pronography magzine you bought last time?”

“Lend it to me~”

“So we cant talk about porn among guys either?”

“… …”



(A group of guys that were seriously bothered…)

“Emm… it is hard to set a standard for sexual harrasment…”






“Ok! Here is the deal! go to the smoking area if youa want to talk about porn; the wallpaper doesnt count if it’s not naked; you can only buy magzines like JUMP; if the female employees feel any uncomfortable just send email to let me know; if you feel like be harrassed by me, tell the vice president- above! ”

(The female employee hides in the corner who tried really hard not to laugh out loud… lol)


This is some funny pictures from my friend’s blog, SHE DREW THEM BY HERSELF. And this is her own experience when working in Japanese companies.

A lot of people heard about the sexual harrasment is a serious problem in Japan. Well anyway, her company just held this weekly meeting when she and other two female employees first came in (they were nearly a “all male” company before these 3 girls came in). I find it kinda funnyyy too…

The picture was sooo cute and funny lol and everybody was so seriously discussing the topic and bothered. Ya I like the way you guys deal with the problem, straight forward, unlike some company my friend was in, people just kinda protect themselves from each other, when she saw her supervisor it looks like a mouse meet with a cat…

I love the cutie-looking boy the best~ in the picture; and the long hair one, you wrote a “male” on him to point out his sex lolll, so funny… love the cutie style of you drawings. ❤



ZT and birthday

Master Commencement Northwestern University

Master Commencement Northwestern University

Giving speech on ASCE 2008 Annual Student Award

Giving speech on ASCE 2008 Annual Student Award

This is my friend ZT from Northwestern University, an important person to me. When I was applying to college, it was his comments/ message and story that accompanied me all the way here. I gained power from his stories when he was waiting for admissions; I hold the belief that I will finally succeed from his success, though I can’t see any connection in between;p
The link above is the post wrote on his birthday.
Common as below:
well, dont need to feel sorry for trying very hard but still let someone down.
我不是一个信教的人,但有一次在德累斯顿的教堂坐了一个下午,就是在反反复复静静地听英文版的讲解。现在记得的话有一句很适用: may the bitterness and burdens of your life help to serve you grow.
我觉得你说的话怎么这么精辟阿, 难道你是学哲学的? 😛 你小时候看过<圣斗士>么? 星矢说过, 伤痕, 是男子汉的勋章. 和你那段英文异曲同工吧? 哈哈~
this is my common from facebook-
another ZZ style blog. i like it!
btw, no matter good or bad, whenever you look back, you will be grateful for those marks in your life, and may see the past in a different view. then you will feel extremely lucky that you did spend time to record them.
happy birthday again.

Can the arts and humanities ‘save us’?

Admission 101-2

(To be finished)

Admission 101-1

(To be finished)

feedback journalism

New York Times VS Washington Post

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St. Patrick’s day

St. Patrick's day

St. Patrick's day


haha, it sounds a lot of fun! and the soup looks yummmyy! 
We didnt really do a lot of celebrations, but we are doing more and more! because as early as 3 month before a holiday, the advertising, special gifts, all kind of goods are everywhere in our city/ town. 
I am international student from China and our campus store was the place where I first learned about St. Patrick's day!-- they have gaphic teeshirts, candes, holiday lights, cookies and all kinds of goods about St. Patrick's day as early as in January, makes me feel like "I HAVE TO figure out what these green stuff are all bout". lol
Christmas should be a western holiday, but we are celebrating Christmas nation wide in China, and in the whole world now. Every Christmas business men make huge profit from goods/ gifts relative to the celebration. One more holiday we celebrate, one more chance they get to make $$$, one more country celebrate a holiday, one more country they get to make $$$ from! haha. 
In our sociology classes,  we are always trained to realize the "truth" of our society, so that would be-- as we celebrating/ buying stuff for any holiday, we are actually "being used" by businessmen/ corporations (who introduced more and more celebrations to our country to provide us excuse to buy stuff~). But we still enjoy our holiday candies and gifts, right? To me, sense of ceremony is important.
So, screw the "Conspiracism", WE LOVE HOLIDAYS~!! =))