“Why Facebook has never listened and why it definitely won’t start now”



I always know that there are millions of users againsting the new facebook but they just never succeed; and they just never leave or slow down even their anger never got response.

As a student with advertising/ media operation education background, and as someone who is most likely to enter media business after graduate, I can perfectly accept what is expalined in the passage.

It will be a long long story if we start to talk about “corporation dominants” and “full democracy” or not. But if I were the person in charge of the company, I wont care about what customers think about us UNLESS they ACTUALLY do something, say, leave.

And the fact is they DO NOT actually leave.

But I still feel sad for those millions of users who truly believe that they are or they should be the “customers” of the facebook “service”, and they are trying so hard to bring back the old facebook. They set up all kinds of groups, they believe that if they can collect certain number of people to join in the group, they can bring back the ld facebook. All kinds of concerns have been rised and they are making every effort to be heard:

Apparently if Facebook gets sold then theres a major possibility that it will turn into a “Paysite”. This is just stupid!
Lets all stick together on this one and let them know that we will leave Facebook if they decide to charge us to use it.

Please join and use the “INVITE PEOPLE TO JOIN” tab on the right hand side and invite all your friends to join.


Well… my commont was like:

They will not charge you for the site, because the real “product” they are selling here is you guys, or us, not the online service. They are selling us to advertisers, that’s how they (at least now trying to) make money.

So this expalins:

Rebecca-Tess Ryan (Wales) wrote
at 5:31am on February 17th, 2009
are you all stupid? facebook makes hundreds of millions of pounds a year in advertising and that advertising is based on the amount of people who use the sight. It will never become a pay site as these advertisers will see it as a less viable advertising option and leave.
Maybe we get paid for using facebook in the future. Cuz we already getting paid for using some media, we get paid for selling ourselves to advertisers.

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