“How to lose your job in 140 characters or less”




This is sooo true! It’s kind of horrible to realize that how long it takes for things you put on line to disapear… maybe forever.

So ya, I google my name, and you might be surprised if you know how many people regularly google their names. Once I mentioned one of my friend’s name on my blog post when describing a strange dream of mine, that blog surposed to be a “secret garden” for me because only a handful of closest friends know about it.  But ya… that friend happen to be one of the people who regularly google their names, so he came to my blog half a year later and say happy new year, said that he follow the google search to my blog.

I just felt so lucky that I didnt say anything else about him. Like… what he asked me for when he was cheating on his girfriend… who might regularly google his name us well.

Even worse, if your name is unique enough (like the username I have been used for over 10 years- nah im not gonna tell you what it is), you dont even have a chance to explain… or deny what come out from the research engine. People will know exactly, “Ya that IS YOU! There’s no one else has such a stupid name.”

But more common names have their own problem, too. My Chinese name which I regularly google (;P) is somehow boyish and not that unique. So I end up get to know every update and news about a famous male doctor who happen to have the same name as mine =), and what’s more, who happen to be my parent’s friend in real life.

And there was one time, when i google mt name as usual, one post came up… it actually use my name as the title and it was on the first page of search results, i just couldnt miss it. The title was actually “XXX you lying bitch!” =_= and the content was like how the person named XXX (my name!) betrade her and lies to everybody so that they all think that she’s a nice person but she is not. The network shows it was not my city even not my provice and her age was definately not within my friend circle. But HEY! IT SHOWS MY NAME! and seems like the post just stay on the first page FOREVER! What people gonna think when they see such a title and when they happen to know someone with the same name in real life?!




And you CANNOT trust that someone really is who they say they are on a blog, online community, comment and etc. Many people make fake profiles and try to take on others identities just to make them look bad. Bottom line is, dont believe everything you read, ecspecially on the internet! LOL


“… people just need to realize that they are free to say whatever they want, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences. I am certainly willing to accept that.”

That pretty much sums it up.


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