Thinking too much or not… at all?


I think i agree with i-Dra on “those dresses are very pretty, but i refuse to believe that there was not a better photo to choose than this one.”

those photoes do seem  like they have some kind of implications. I view all the pictures on this page, all the different baby photoes, but this is the only one that i click in and view comments, that’s because i did feel something uncomfortable with this picture.

when i-dra express her concern about the photo, she is not just make it up or simply “think too much”. You know when we study “pornography in music videos” in communication classes, we saw similar pictures, and those pictures are regarded as potraying women seeking substitute of sexualized male body part.

This trick has its own history.  It’s called Polysemy,a pivotal concept within media studies, refers to the capacity for a sign  or signs to have multiple meanings.


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