St. Patrick’s day

St. Patrick's day

St. Patrick's day


haha, it sounds a lot of fun! and the soup looks yummmyy! 
We didnt really do a lot of celebrations, but we are doing more and more! because as early as 3 month before a holiday, the advertising, special gifts, all kind of goods are everywhere in our city/ town. 
I am international student from China and our campus store was the place where I first learned about St. Patrick's day!-- they have gaphic teeshirts, candes, holiday lights, cookies and all kinds of goods about St. Patrick's day as early as in January, makes me feel like "I HAVE TO figure out what these green stuff are all bout". lol
Christmas should be a western holiday, but we are celebrating Christmas nation wide in China, and in the whole world now. Every Christmas business men make huge profit from goods/ gifts relative to the celebration. One more holiday we celebrate, one more chance they get to make $$$, one more country celebrate a holiday, one more country they get to make $$$ from! haha. 
In our sociology classes,  we are always trained to realize the "truth" of our society, so that would be-- as we celebrating/ buying stuff for any holiday, we are actually "being used" by businessmen/ corporations (who introduced more and more celebrations to our country to provide us excuse to buy stuff~). But we still enjoy our holiday candies and gifts, right? To me, sense of ceremony is important.
So, screw the "Conspiracism", WE LOVE HOLIDAYS~!! =))

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