Who needs a boyfriend



Although I totally agree with the situation she described, I think her opinion is a little bit extreme.

After all, being alone is a shame in college kids! Especially in UMass Southwest subculture! People aho eat alone in Berkshire is a shame (ya that’s me =))! My friend  always seem unbelievable when they found me eating alone, Liz was actually like:”You need to give me your stupid MSN!” (so that she could call me every time she eats~!) And she looks so sad and hurt every time when she finds out that I’ve already ate BY MYSELF! “Why you never call me when you eat, I am left alone!”

Josh even made Sherry a song before she met Bryan, it;s called “Sherry needs a boyfriend”.

Sherry HATES it. 


found a pretty nice blog~

Actually, I’ve been always paying attention to gender issues, especially gender and power in workplace and so forth; and I’ve found myself largely influenced by UMass’s Sociology concerntrated Communication ;p

And here is another passage from that blog, you guys could check it out if you are interested. It’s uhmm… i almost thought she was doing the same “feedback journalism” homework thing when i first read it! Check it out!




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