Cashmere Mafia


Original common:

“Okay, I’ve just seen the pilot. And in my opinion, I think the show had some potential.

For one, the female leads are all intriguing. Their characters all have interesting, new story lines, and the actresses pull it off rather well (especially Miranda Otto). One thing I might say though, is that while the characters are great in their own respective story lines, they lack chemistry between each other. But considering how the cast of DH and SATC didn’t really seem that close to each other in their own pilots, I’m guessing that this might change as time passes by.

Speaking of DH and SATC, viewers might think that this is a bad knockoff of those shows, but it’s not. Though the format is a bit clichéd in that it has four strong female leads as in SATC and DH, Cashmere Mafia strives to portray their leads as more ferocious than other shows. To be honest, rather than SATC and DH, I was reminded of a female version of “Big Shots”. And while I gave up on BS for lacking sympathetic characters (I only liked Joshua Malina’s character), I think Cashmere Mafia somehow finds a way to make their leads sympathetic on top of being strong and vicious.

Though I did like this pilot and the characters, I’m not sure whether viewers will give this show time to grow. Just as people are quick to criticize clichés, they are also quick to criticize the different. And with CM’s cast of stronger, more cutthroat, and different women, I’m not sure if viewers will be ready for this. Here’s hoping they are. “


This is one of my favourate TV sitcoms, four women, sounds like Sex and the City but even more feminism. Four independent female graduated from top business schools and live in upper Manhatton, one of which graduated from Smith (I’ll post a note and write about it later) — my dream college and my defination of “ambitious feminists” ;p

Since this show is already off the air, I can’t really find usable information on ABC site. Here’s an e-magazine provides some background images and outlines about each charactor in it, hope would help you know about this show


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